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  • New Year Kimono Contest 2024
    New Year Kimono Contest 2024
    Jan. 1st 2024
    Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
    Jan. 1st 2024
    Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
    Jan. 1st 2024
    Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
    Show off your beautiful Japanese Kimono at Oshogatsu in Little Tokyo!

​Fumi Mashimo

Visual Effect artist

a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences



Akane Mashimo

Vice President

-Certified Kimono dresser from Kyoto Kimono Gakuin Kyoto Honko

-Founder of WakaWakka Kimono & Photo Studio


How the club was born

 In August,1999,during the annual Nisei Week parade in downtown Los Angeles,, Hayahiko Takase , then President of Japanese Chamber Commerce, rode in an open car while clad in traditional formal Japanese men’s wear (montsuki haori hakama) . Akira Tsurukame saw him and thought it might be an excellent idea to spread the spirit of Japanese Culture among people in foreign countries through Kimonos, which express dignity, simplicity and serene beauty. Thus, they decided to form a club "KIMONO O KIYOU KAI ("Club to Encourage the Wearing of Kimono")

On New Year's Day in 2000, five gentlemen wearing Kimono gathered in front of the sculpture by the famous artist , Isamu Noguchi, in JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo.

On March 15, 2003, approximately 40 men & women who love Kimono met to form a club with the agreed objective of promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between the US and Japan through Kimono. They officially formed the club now called "LA KIMONO CLUB".

Vice President Akane Mashimo got featured in Japanese weekly magazie "LALALA USA."


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